There are lots of ways that you can help yourself this winter to avoid making yourself ill, and to keep your energy bills in check.

  • Make sure that your gas appliances are safe. Your boiler should have a safety check every year, if you’re a tenant, this is the responsibility of your landlord – but you must chase it up if you know that this is overdue.
  • Make sure occupied rooms are warm enough. You should be keeping your occupied rooms at 18 degrees, as if the room is colder then you risk making yourself ill. Even if you’re wrapped up warm, you must still heat the room rather than add extra layers.
  • Make sure you have plenty of hot drinks, and at least one hot meal a day. Make sure you eat well – a varied diet rich in vitamins and minerals will help you fight off minor ailments and make you feel energised.
  • If you’re going outside, make sure you wear light layers rather than one heavy jumper or coat. Layers trap air, keeping you warm – and you can always remove one if you feel too hot. Make sure that you wear good quality boots or shoes with a good grip.
  • Make sure that your mobile phone is charged and has credit, so that if you need to get hold of someone in an emergency – or if you need to call Beat the Cold then you can.